24h matte lipstick from Autumn Beauty review

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Hope you have been doing great. If you have been following me since sometime then you know that I haven’t had made a blog post since ages. But I would be posting more often now. So, today I shall be reviewing 2 extremely affordable lipsticks which I got my hands on recently. They are from a brand called as Autumn Beauty.

Price : 120 INR each

Claim : 24h matte lipstick as the name suggests

My experience : I own 2 shades of these lipsticks i.e. 028 and 035. They are matte as the name suggests, but they stay for 8 hours and not 24 hours as the name suggests. They are nicely pigmented. Also they transfer a lot and get faded if you eat something. They are drying so you need to moisturize the lips well and exfoliate them with a lip scrub before applying these or else they may settle into the dry patches. They have a nicely pointed tip which helps in easier application of the lipstick.

The packaging looks quite good and they are color coded. In fact the packaging was the first thing which attracted me when I spotted these at a local beauty store. But, remember to shut them tightly or else they might open and mess up the inside of your handbag when you keep them in.

Shade 028 is a deep plum color. It is more drying of the 2. If you have dry lips, it settles to the dry patches so you need to exfoliate your lips well with a lip scrub before applying this. Also, if you have applied some greasy lip balm, then it becomes patchy.  But, if applied well, it has a nice plum color to your lips.

Shade 035 is a nude shade. It is a nice nude shade for Indian skin tones and won’t wash out most of the Indian skin tones. It is less drying than the other shade but as it is a matte lipstick use a lip balm before applying this.


  1. Affordable.
  2. Color coded packaging.
  3. Looks good on Indian skin tones.
  4. Nice matte texture.
  5. Pigmented.
  6. Stays for 4 hours which is great at this price point.

Cons :

  1. Not easily available.
  2. Drying.
  3. Some shades are patchy.
  4. Transfer.

Rating : 3/5

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