A dream well lived.

It was the midnight of the 28th of March, 2013. She was battling with a heartbreak, trying to move on from a broken up relationship. Just before calling it a day, she texted the words “Happy Birthday” to a person whom she used to admire.

Next morning, she gets a reply from the birthday boy thanking her for the wish. For the first time in ages she smiled. What followed was a chain of chat messages between the two. This kept happening for a whole week while she had been out of station with her parents. The more they texted each other, the closer they became. She realised that she had started somehow missing this person and wanted to be back home soon so that she could meet him again. What was more shocking was that she had even stopped missing her damned ex.

Finally, she came back home and met this person. As it was meant to be, the person asked her out on what was supposed to be a first date on the pretext of giving her a belated birthday treat. Being a coy person, she reluctantly agreed.

This first date led to a second, then a third and so on. Gradually the girl realised how much he loved her. How he was the man of her ‘dreams’. How he was the perfect man a girl would ever want in her life. How he was what she had always wanted her ex to be. All of these made her to fall for him more and more each day.

Things started getting even more serious. They went on dates to movies, parks, coffee shops and where not. They had become totally inseparable. They became the most picture perfect couple anyone ever saw.

A year passed and she entered her final year at college. He, who had once been a very studious guy in his earlier ages, advised her how to study, how to get better marks, how to crack campus placement drives. With all his support, she finally graduated with a job at hand.

Two years of their relationship had passed. A once carefree girl had now started to take her life and career decisions more seriously. She worked her ass off during the day at her work place and met him in the evenings to find her silver lining among the clouds of both her personal and professional life. Two more years passed that way and now as they both had settled in their work lives, they thought of taking their relationship to the next level.

Marriage plans had been in full swing. It was the midnight of the 28th of March, 2017. Just before calling it a day, she wished “Happy Birthday”  to her beloved and reminisced the glorious past 4 years. How it all started exactly 4 years ago, how they dated, fell for each other and how they are going to be each other’s better half in a few months.

Next morning she gets up to realise it was all just a dream, “A dream well lived”.



  1. Goutam Sahoo says:

    it’s like a big breath of fresh air when I walk into the building and see you here .

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