Patanjali Body Ubtan Review

Hi friends !

Hope the weekend had been amazing for you guys. 🙂 So today I shall make a post which is very different from my previous 2 blog posts. It is about one of my favorite Patanjali products, i.e. Patanjali Body Ubtan. Now, most of my friends either love all Patanjali beauty products or they hate them. I have never seen any in-between. As per my take, I love some and I keep buying them again and again and I hate some products. This Body Ubtan happens to be one of my most loved products from Patanjali. 🙂

I always love trying new beauty products and one day when I saw this at a Patanjali outlet I thought I should give it a try as they are natural products and quite pocket friendly.

Ingredients :

• Chiraunji (Cuddapah Almond)
• Red Lentils
• Black gram
• Barley
• Mustard seeds
• Soybean
• Rice
• Almond
• Turmeric
• Camphor

Price :  Rs. 60 for 100g.

My experience :

It is a dry yellow colour powder as shown in the left pic. When mixed with water it forms a paste as shown in the right. It has a very soothing smell of camphor and turmeric which we can find in aroma-therapy spas.

I have dry skin and I mix it with rosewater and lemon juice and apply the paste. After keeping it for 5-10 mins, I massage it a little for the exfoliation to take place and then wash it off. If you have dry skin you can add a few drops of almond or olive oil to it. I have been applying it daily since the past few weeks and I have seen reduction in pigmentation marks on my face. Also, after I wash it off, it leaves my skin soft and smooth. It can be used as a daily body scrub and as its scrub particles are mild enough to be used on the face as well.

So, friends, if you have used this product then please let me know in the comment section below about your experience. Also, if you want me to review any other product or any homemade diy then please let me know in the comments. I shall try doing it in my future blog posts. If you like my post please share it with your friends.

Stay beautiful! 🙂 :*


  1. Priyanka Lenka says:

    Thanx for sharing your experience… I ll also try it…

    1. let me know your experience too 🙂

  2. Sritaj Kumar Patel says:

    Aeithi mu definitely try karibi, mo face pura dull hei gala ni.
    And tips ta mo cousin _sisters maankubhi share kari debi 😆

  3. Truptimayee says:

    Even I wl try dis.

  4. Nice review Shubra😊
    Please do check out my review as well
    Beautiful life 💗

    1. Ahh.. Thats nice.. Checked it 🙂

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