All About Shaving – My Hair Removal Story

I started hair removal when I was 17 and I started swimming. First I started off with hair removal creams which gave me super smooth legs but later on darkened my skin. But, once I had been used to the smooth hair free skin, there couldn’t be any going back so I moved on to shaving. Tbh, shaving was a terrible experience for me then as I didn’t use the proper equipment back then which resulted in razor burns, rashes and cuts. That made me depend on waxing until I finished college and started working.

It has been a long time now since I have stopped getting my body hair waxed. When I started working, it was a travelling job. Initially I used to wait, let my hair grow a little until my next session at a beauty parlor. But gradually, in my super-fast running life, job, travels and busy schedule it became super tough to find time to make an appointment and get myself waxed. By then, it was easy getting required things for shaving in the market and I no longer had to depend on cheap disposable razors or men’s razors, conditioner as a shaving foam etc. So, from the past two years I started religiously shaving whenever I feel like and I thought of writing about all the things I use while shaving to help you newbies out there into the world of hair removal or shaving.

I have a sensitive skin so I need to be a little careful in choosing the products that I use while shaving. Many people use conditioners and coconut oil instead of a shaving foam while shaving, both of which I have tried too. Conditioners do soften the hairs and make it easier to shave but the irritate my sensitive skin and I end up getting rashes and razor burns. Coconut oil on the other hand makes the razor slip away and give me cuts and also result in a lot of buildup on the razor blades which make it very difficult for shaving.

The Gillete Satin Care Shave Gel which is for sensitive skin completely changed my shaving experience. I like to first take a hot shower so that my skin is soaked and hairs become softer. Then I lather the shaving gel and it becomes really creamy and frothy. This shaving gel helps keep water in the hair and makes sure that the razor glides easily over my skin, protecting me from potential nicks and cuts. It also helps keep track of where I have shaved to avoid missing any spots. This also contains aloe vera which soothes my sensitive skin.

It is also equally important to use a good quality razor for shaving. The cheap disposable razors may sound good but they don’t have flexible heads and they are actually the worst razors you might try. Many people say that men’s razors are a good option and it doesn’t make any difference which one we use but trust me, it does. Men’s hairs are very different from women’s and so is the skin. Men’s razors are designed to shave their facial hairs which are much more hard and coarse than the hair on women’s bodies. After learning the hard way, I have been using Gillette Venus which gives an amazing close shave in one go. It has been built specially for girls to be gently on the skin and the head of the razor moves to shave in the shape of our body. Since the times I have started using this one, I haven’t got any cuts as the rounded edges of this one glide on very well on my skin.

I never used an aftershave before until the last couple of months. But lately I have been loving the Nivea Sensitive Cooling Aftershave Balm which helps soothing my skin and doesn’t give me any razorburns or rashes. It has 0% alcohol so is great for sensitive skin.

After I am out of the shower moisturize using a body butter. The one I am currently loving is the Patanjali Soundarya Coco Body Butter. You can watch the whole review of this body butter by clicking here.  Moisturization is very important especially after shaving. This is going to prevent any dryness of the skin. So always grab on your favorite body butter or lotion and slather on for babysoft smooth skin after a shave.

So that’s all for this post, thank you so much for reading, let me know if you have anything else I could answer, leave your comments down below.


  1. Mallika Gupta says:

    This experience is very helpful for people who are new to the shaving world!

    1. beautynealthlifestyles says:

      Thanks love 🙂

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