Weekend Luncheon at Bhubaneswar !!

Hi friends,

Hope you have been doing great. Today I am going to make a very different blog post. It is going to be about 2 good restaurants I had been in the last weekend. At least once in every 2 weeks or so, my body screams to eat something good outside and the scenario goes something like this, “Where do you want to eat today? What do you feel like?” And if you folks know me, you know how I am when it comes to food. While eating outside, the first thing I want is good ambiance. No, I don’t mind eating at small dhabas and stalls but once in a while I love to indulge in heavenly food in a more heavenly environment to attain that ultimate peace. 😛 Also, the food should be something which makes me ‘fall in love at the first bite’. Last but not the least, I prefer eating somewhere which doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. But, unfortunately its difficult getting all the 3 together.

So, in today’s post, I shall be sharing my experience at 2 restaurants which I absolutely loved eating at in the last weekend. The first one is ‘Aangan Heritage’ which falls on the Infocity road, Patia, Bhubaneswar. I had been there once before when it had newly opened and I was in my last days at college so it was a very nostalgic feeling, being there. If you want a quiet, calm and private place to have some alone time or with your near and dear ones. It has small cabins for each table which gives you your nice little corner. It is definitely pocket friendly as 2 people can easily have a 3 course meal within Rs. 500-800.

I instantly fall in love with restaurants which serve you great soups. We had chicken burnt garlic soup which smelled as good as it tasted. Don’t remember the time when I had a soup that tasted better than this one. Also had cheese balls for starters which melted amazingly within a couple of seconds in the mouth. They also served french fries along with the cheese balls which I didn’t expect.

For main course we had butter chicken tikka with tandoori roti, masala kulcha and paneer kulcha which all tasted equally good. We also had some green salad. (Try to eat something healthy when eating unhealthy :P)

Finally for desserts there is the newly opened ‘The Chocolate House’ infront of Bhawani Mall, Bhubaneswar. It was my first time there and I really wanted to be there since the first time I saw it after I moved back to Bhubaneswar. The moment I entered the restaurant, I was in love at first sight with place. The chocolaty aroma , the handmade chocolates for sale, the ambient lighting, the beautiful interiors were more than enough to take my heart. It is a must try for all the chocolate lovers out there. This pretty little cafe also provides you books to while away your time if you are eating alone or waiting for someone. You can also treat yourself for as less as Rs. 100 there. We had some black forest ice-cream and some hot chocolate brownie with ice-cream. I also bought some handmade chocolates while returning to have later at home.

Hope you liked this blog post of mine. Do let me know what are your favorite restaurants in the city so that I can be there next time. Check out my blog for more such posts.

Stay happy !


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